Launched on the first day of Spring 2012, Dearest Nature is the design blog by Donaville Herrick, where you can expect to find carefully curated and wonderfully created content inspired by nature.

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Donaville Herrick

Founder / Editor / Designer
Donaville HerrickHello hello, I'm Donaville Herrick, a Southern California-based work-at-home mother of three beautiful children, two of whom are twins. I'm the Co-Founder and Creative Director of a web (and someday print) design shop called Hello Hello Hi and also curator of a paper blog called Discover Paper.

Why nature? Almost all the work I produce is inspired by nature. And many of the material things I own have elements of nature. I have been a fan of trees, butterflies, rocks, moss, shells, twigs, and birds for as long as I can remember.

Meet Our Contributors

  • Abigail Bradshaw
    Abigail Bradshaw Creating good food is one of my favorite ways to share my love for creative composition with the people around me — mixing flavors, colors, and textures to create a delicious and quickly-eaten whole. When you work to perfect a recipe, there is a kind of intention and consciousness that comes along with eating it that brings inspiration to me, and so whether I'm cooking for myself or for others there is always a bit of artfulness to it. When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm a multi-disciplinary creative living in the lovely Boise, Idaho, and running my independent creative business The Notion Creative Labs. Visit My: Blog | Facebook | Twitter
  • Beverly Wang
    Beverly Wang Hello! I'm Beverly, a web applications developer living in lovely Southern California. When I'm not writing code, you'll probably find me in the kitchen or out capturing moments of my daily life with my camera. Never content to sit still, I always find myself trying to do ten things at once. I believe that good food, made with love and from scratch, is the panacea for all ills. Visit My: Blog
  • Dee Andrews
    Dee Andrews I'm Dee Andrews, I have a degree in Fashion Illustration, but I'm also a calligrapher and crafter. I use watercolours and pencil to create my illustrations, and my bunny, Luna, sits with me while I draw. Visit My: Blog | Portfolio | Facebook | Twitter
  • Jasmin Wong
    Jasmin Wong I'm a web designer based in Sydney, Australia. When not designing, I can usually be found taking photos with my film cameras, rearranging my apartment (yet again), tending a vegetable garden with my boyfriend or sipping an espresso. Visit My: Blog | Twitter
  • Katie Wade
    Katie Wade I am the creative spirit behind Lemon Jitters, a blog dedicated to all things crafty. My interests are ever-changing and currently include: an obsession with kitschy kitchen timers, digital design, eating lots of chocolate and paper crafting. Visit My: Blog | Facebook | Twitter
  • Sarah Hart
    Sarah Hart Hi! I'm Sarah Hart your fun and friendly designer, crafter and all around creative do-gooder. My passion is paper goods and strive to create beautiful products that engage and inspire. You can find me working away at my home studio on the Canadian East coast. Visit My: Blog | Shop | Facebook | Twitter
  • Amy Renea
    Amy Renea I am a freelance photographer and writer based out of Hershey, PA. I spend my days chasing children and chickens around the back yard, sipping on dandelion tea and munching on sweet potato chips. Come visit the Nest for All Seasons to learn more about my food, photography, DIY designs and modern garden living! Visit My: Blog | Portfolio | Facebook | Twitter
    And find me on Houzz
  • Clemence Herbillon
    Clemence HerbillonI'm a blogger, jewelry designer and school teacher based in Switzerland, Europe. I was raised in the french countryside with five siberian husky dogs, and kept an unconditional love for nature and all living creatures since then. I'm obsessed with all things pretty and enjoy getting lost in the vortex of fashion, design, art, and inspiration blogs, as well as working on my own blog, Oh The Lovely Things, where I share my creative projects and document what inspires me each day.
    Visit My: Blog | Shop | Twitter
  • Eva Black
    Eva BlackHello! I'm Eva Black, I'm a freelance graphic designer based in Southern California. I run my own little studio specializing in brand identities and print and I've got a mild obsession with anything that involves paper. Visit My: Blog | Shop | Twitter | Website
  • Jasmine Flamenco
    Contributes to: "Decorate" category
    Jasmine Flamenco I am left-handed graphic designer and photographer who is just a little bit geeky — I love to code websites, read books, constantly learn new things, and play computer games. I'm also a maker, crafter, ceramicist, wife, knitter, origami amateur and Master Chef in the making (if Master Chef only included making vegetarian food). Visit My: Blog | Portfolio | Facebook | Twitter
  • Kaitlyn Webb Patience
    Kaitlyn Webb Patience my name is kaitlyn webb patience and i am the editor of isavirtue blog and the creator of isavirtue stationery. i live on vancouver island in the beautiful canadian province of british columbia. i make it mandatory to sneak a peek at the ocean at least once a week and living on an island helps with this task! i'm obsessed with paper, hot air balloons, sunlight and contemporary art - in real life i manage a gallery of young, emerging artists. Visit My: Blog | Shop | Facebook | Twitter
  • Shani Griffis
    Shani Griffis Hi! Graphic design and fashion are two of my favorite things, and I am excited to share those passions with you through Dearest Nature. I am the Creative Director for a fashion magazine called Unleashed Beauty, which just further goes to show my love for the industry, as well as a freelance graphic artist. I am what you would call a "Jack-of-all-Trades", I must try and do everything, doing one thing is simply not exciting enough. Some of the things I enjoy when I am not working are scuba, video games, martial arts, painting/drawing, spending time with my husband ... the list goes on forever. Basically, I aspire to be just like Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) one day. Visit My: Website | Twitter
  • Anastasia Marie Mikailenko
    Anastasia Marie I'm crazy about paper and anything that pairs up good with paper. So yes, that means pencils and tape are included. My name is Anastasia (my friends call me Stacey) and I run a little company named Anastasia Marie, a stationery + design studio specializing in custom handcrafted paper-cut cards and wedding + social stationery. Come say hello! Visit My: Blog | Website | Shop | Facebook | Twitter
  • Chris Stetson
    Chris Stetson Hi, I'm Chris Stetson, a photographer and graphic artist living in Temecula, CA. I grew up in a small beach town called Carpinteria which is just south of Santa Barbara, CA. I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't doing something creative, whether it was drawing, painting, playing music, or playing around with cameras. I started taking photography seriously after high school when I went through the School of Media Arts Photography Program at Santa Barbara City College. I still enjoy diving into many different creative mediums but photography has always had a great impact on my life and I am excited to share it with you. Visit My: Blog | Dribbble | Facebook | Twitter
  • Jamie Bartlett
    Jamie Bartlett I'm a graphic designer and co-founder of A Pair of Pears, a blog and design company based in Los Angeles, CA. My husband and I started our blog as a way for us to share our adventures and all things design. Since college, we've both fallen in love with letterpress printing, and now have two presses of our own. When I'm not lost in the pixels, I can be found thrifting, watching Parks & Recreation and wishing to one day own a Dalmatian. Visit My: Website | Shop | Facebook
  • Jonathan Chapman (aka Mr Yen)
    Jonathan Chapman I create paper cut art work and designs inspired by nature.

    Having taught myself to paper cut through years of practice, persistence and patience, I find natural forms to be the most inspirational when creating my paper cut designs. Visit My: Blog | Shop | Facebook | Twitter | Website
  • Kelli Shedd
    Kelli Shedd Hi, I'm Kelli Shedd: artist, designer & all around maker! My passion for line drawings, nature and all things paper are the driving inspiration behind the creations for my stationery & paper goods company, Borealchick Designs. Based New Hampshire (North of Mt. Washington!!) the art I create are a whimsical translation of the beautiful environment in which I reside, all while maintaining a chic & modern edge. When not following my artistic pursuits I can be found, hiking, climbing, or hanging out with Mr. Shedd and my crazy cats! If you ever find yourself in the granite state visiting the highest peak East of the Mississippi, make sure to ask for the Borealchick! Visit My: Blog | Shop | Facebook