An Interview with Princess Lasertron

Flowers for Yolanda by Princess Lasertron

I’m ecstatic about Dearest Nature’s first interviewee, Megan Hunt, aka Princess Lasertron which is also the name of her creative company based in Omaha Nebraska. I first stumbled across Princess Lasertron on flickr while working on a roundup of DIY book covers for Discover Paper.

The links on Megan’s flickr stream led me back to the Princess Lasertron website and I was immediately awestruck by her strikingly brilliant and one-of-a-kind felted wedding bouquets and bridal accessories. Each piece is detailed with dazzling petals, many containing intricate stitches, beautiful buttons, and a

myriad of other beautiful accessories that compliment brides who want to add an extraordinary and lasting touch to their wedding.

Megan is an entrepreneurial mastermind, with an amazing work ethic and rare sense of humor and all-around sense of what I can only describe as awesome sauce. She has carved quite a unique niche in the wedding industry with her company and also co-founded a coworking space called CAMP in Omaha. Read on to find out more about Megan and her creative pursuits through Princess Lasertron.

Share a little bit about yourself.
Like many makers, I’ve had a lifelong interest in design, crafting, and creativity of all kinds. When I was younger, my parents worked hard to nurture my creativity. My mom would set up lunches with local art professors, sign me up for crafty summer camps, and even helped me move shelves into my bedroom so I could hold a gallery showing and sell some of my work to my family members and friends. So when I look back on how I kind of grew up in a creative home, I now see how I not only was growing up as a designer but an entrepreneur as well.

In college I studied German and Intercultural Communication, and I just had an amazing time learning about new cultures and tried to take on as many challenges as I could in my studies. I started my first business, a bridal design company called Princess Lasertron, out of my dorm room and continued to work full time there after graduation. The work I’ve done in the wedding industry has led to freelance writing opportunities, chances to speak and teach at conferences around the country, and numerous exciting partnerships with other manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

felted bouquets by princess lasertron


Share a little bit about your shop.
I started selling online in 2005 when Etsy came onto the scene because I saw selling online as the only way to scale what was essentially my hobby into a career that I was truly passionate about. My shop today is hosted on Storenvy, a great startup out of Kansas City here on the Silicon Prairie. Most of my work with Princess Lasertron is custom for each customer, so I actually take most of my orders through e-mail.

What’s in a name? What’s the story behind “Princess Lasertron”?
Princess Lasertron just came to me one day — I wish there was a better story than that! It had to be a name that was unique, one that could represent my personal brand as well as my business, i.e., not “Megan Hunt Designs” or “Princess Lasertron Flowers”, and something that made people want to know more. I wanted it to represent joy, celebration, and a kick-ass approach to style and life. When I came up with the name in 2005 I was into the industrial dance scene and I was clubbing quite a bit, and I think there may have been a little influence there as far as the “Lasertron” part. I think I’m more of a Lasertron than a Princess, personally.

bouquets by Princess Lasertron


How would you describe your artistic style?
I would call my style “happy.” I love to work with vintage findings and I love a “handmade” aesthetic, and everything we do is hand-embroidered. I try to edit each design really thoughtfully however to avoid going too far into the “I could have made that” zone, so it’s important for me to offer products that simply look valuable. Some of the ways we do that is by screenprinting our own fabrics with unique patterns, mixing unexpected colors, and interpreting the inspiration of each customer to give them something better than they could have envisioned.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I like to work through the night, so my days start a bit late. My daughter Alice comes into my room to wake me up around 10am, and I usually make her some breakfast, let her watch a tv show, and steal another hour of sleep. When I get up, I get dressed, get Alice dressed, pack our lunches, and head out to do our errands. We’ll typically stop at the bank, at the shops of some of my suppliers, and get a little time outside in the nice weather. We usually have a lunch meeting — today, for example, we had lunch with a local furniture designer who is making some new pieces for CAMP, the coworking space I own in downtown Omaha. After our meetings are done, Alice takes a nap and I head to the office to see how things are going and answer some emails. Eventually Alice wakes up and hangs out at work until her dad comes to pick her up when he gets off work. Then they go home and have dinner and play.

In the evenings, I get most of my work done. I’ll write a blog post, answer e-mail, refresh our inventory and order supplies, and cut out flowers that will become this week’s upcoming orders. I did just get a TV for the office so I can often be found catching up with my shows or watching a movie while I sew! I turn in for bed each night around 5am.

What’s your most-prized nature-inspired possession?
vintage chairs in Meg Hunt's homeI have these amazing vintage chairs with beautiful red cushions that I bought from the showroom of a local interior designer, Jessica McKay. The print on the cushions connotes an animal print, but the color is more coral and reminds me of the ocean. The frames of the chairs are low to the ground (perfect for me at 5’0”) and the natural wood has been worn with age. They are so comfortable. I’d love to style a shoot with them on a boat dock.

What do you enjoy about nature?
I love that we all think of something different when we think about the term “nature,” because what’s natural in your surroundings is so contextual. Here in my office in Omaha, Nebraska, I’m about a quarter mile from the Missouri riverbank, and as I look to the East out my open windows, I see the cottonwood trees and prairie grass that are so characteristic here. And as I look to the South, toward downtown, I see cranes, I hear traffic, and the skyline continues to grow year by year. What I love about nature is that no matter where you are, you can always just go outside.

bouquets by Princess Lasertron

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  1. Superb flowers! As much as I love fresh flowers, nothing beats something that will last for years.

  2. Endless layers of awesome sauce indeed in Princess Lasertron’s (fun name! makes me think of Tron!!) bouquets.

    And oh wow, the last photos show other use of material besides felt like … burlap?

  3. Princess Lasertron!
    You inspired me to spread my wings, your work is so beautiful.
    I’m going to open a Storenvy strode today, thank you :)

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