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Birdfamily by Britta Manger / Available for purchase in her Etsy shop

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How about a little afternoon inspiration, for those of you who live on the West Coast of the US, that is. Britta Manger is an incredible artist from Berlin, Germany who sells a wide range of products ranging like wonderfully patterned origami, illustrations and collagesapparel, and more in her shop named Birdtoldme. Her shop is an absolute must-visit.

I find Britta’s illustrations and collages from her shop intriguing because all of them portray animals in a fun and unique way. A deep-sea diving bird with oil dribbling out of its beak? An cotton-bodied octopus with plants at the end of its tentacles? Those are not sights you see everyday. I hope!

illustrations and collages by Britta Manger

Each illustration makes me think of a Tim Burton production or a fairy tale gone awry. What do you think of the Britta’s illustrations?

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  1. These are a beauty. I really like the bird and the sheep one, that one was the most subtle of the ones presented here.

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