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Floral castel boot by Dr. Martens from Free People

Any fans of Once Upon a Time? It’s a show I tune into every Sunday night and my favorite character is Prince Charming. Besides being a hunk of gorgeous eye candy, Josh Dallas, the actor who portrays Prince Charming, does an amazing job of single-tear crying. I get a little choked up every time he does that.

I’ll finish gushing now before I write a novel about Prince Charming and my adoration of the show, and switch gears to charming prints — nice segue, eh? — of the floral variety. I’ve been particularly in love with everything at Free People as of late, especially their floral printed apparel and accessories.

Here are my top floral printed picks I’d like to add to my closet someday.

floral prints from Free People

I don’t recommend donning floral prints from head to toe, but who am I to stop you if you want to!

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  1. Great picks. I didn’t know Doc Marten’s came in printed patterns.

    And Charming’s single tear gets me every [single!] time, too!

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