Color Crush: Fuchsia

Fuchsia photo by Meeze

Fuchsia is probably my favorite f-word. Ever since having kids, I’ve substituted f-bombs with words like “fuchsia” or “Farquad” (the Napoleon-esque ruler of Shrek fame). I’m not usually one for the color pink, but there’s something about fuchsia that, to me, makes it so┬álikable. Fuchsia has the right amount of pizzazz and packs so much punch, it’s hard for me not to like it. I think it’s a really versatile color; I could envision it used at loud ’80s fashion party or as an accent at an elegant banquet.

For those of you who might be genetically predisposed to cringing at the sight of fuchsia, here’s a little roundup of fuchsia goodness to kickstart your heart into welcoming it:

inspirations of the fuchsia kind

I’m all sorts of crazy about that cake and crepe flower bouquet!

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  1. Love the crepe flowers but I think my very favorite thing is the Butterfly Wedding Cake. I love the butterflies! So pretty. Set on the Blueish frosting(fondant) it makes them pop.

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