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Decomposition book from Omoi Zakka Shop

Any zombie fans out there? C’mon, don’t be shy, raise your machete- or crossbow-wielding hand. I’ll raise my hand, though don’t be alarmed — I don’t own a machete or a crossbow — but I do have a pretty good weapon: Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide, which I’ve read cover to cover a few times. What? It’s easy reading and it contains vital information about surviving any sort of major catastrophe or apocalyptic scenario.

I’m also big into zombie movies and an avid watcher of AMC’s The Walking Dead. I brainstorm and prepare a majority of my blog posts on Sunday evenings while the television is playing in the background. I start the night off with a viewing of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Once 9pm rolls around and I flip the channel to The Walking Dead, I’ll usually take a break from prepping blog posts and curl up under the covers and squeeze a pillow and/or, much to the Mr’s dismay, the Mr’s arm. I felt this season of The Walking Dead was slow-moving and lacking in zombie attacks. I actually found myself bravely working away at blog posts while the show played in the background. Here’s hoping season three moves along at a quicker pace and is packed with more decomposing action, yeah?

Speaking of decomposing, I recently spied these decomposition books over at Omoi Zakka Shop, an online boutique with a physical location as well on 1608 Pine Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m dying over these decomposition books, priced at $6 a pop. They’re oozing with awesome and available in five different patterns and have my eye on the one with the topographical design.

decomposition books from Omoi

As one might infer from the name of the books, they aren’t zombie-related — not in the least — though who’s to say a zombie wouldn’t take a liking and/or biting to these books? The books look like they could belong to a brainy person, someone like my younger sister who’s majoring in chemical engineering and who buys regular composition notebooks in bulk from the dollar store.

The name of these books is quite obviously a play on the ol’ composition notebook, but I have to wonder if the name has anything to do with the fact that they’re eco-friendly to the nth degree. They’re made from 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper, use soy based inks, processed chlorine-free, and made using bio-gas. I suppose in a sense zombies are eco-friendly, too, since 100% post-consumer human and they reduce, reuse, and reanimate.

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  1. Beautiful books and interesting that they’re called decomposition books. I’d have thought for sure there would be at least *one* zombie design.

  2. Thank you so much for discovering my shop, Omoi! My day was made when a very cool, longtime friend passed this post along to me this afternoon. I LOL’d at the zombie to notebook eco-friendly connection – you’re totally right!

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  4. I love papers and notebooks my name is Kelly brown: I love notebooks I want some?

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