In a Word: Carrots

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Here’s something to know about me. I love petite carrots. I do not love baby carrots or full-size carrots. Nope, they have to be ‘petite’. Petite carrots are the same shape (tapered end) as regular carrots but really small. Baby carrots are just chunks of regular carrots that have been rounded. It’s like the food industry is trying to trick me by calling it a ‘baby’ carrot. They should call it ‘chunk-o-carrot’ because that’s what it really is. AmIright?

Today’s roundup of carrot-related items was inspired by this great Spring weather we’ve been having — it’s time to start working on your garden! I’m not a gardener so I’ll stick to using that awesome carrot soap by Sunbasilgarden Soaps and call it a day.

carrots roundup by Katie Wade

Okay, let’s end with a bit of carrot trivia. Did you know that the average person will eat 10,866 carrots in their lifetime? It’s true — according to the World Carrot Museum (What? You didn’t know there is such a thing as a carrot museum? You are so out of the loop!).

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