Lichen by Little Fish Studios

I spent my last two years of college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and I distinctly remember an alley in the heart of downtown called the bubblegum alley. Who could forget a name like that, right? It’s a hot touristy spot due to the incredible amount of gum that’s stuck to the walls of the alley. In all honesty, it smells awful, but I couldn’t leave the town without having snapped a photo of a section of the wall. I would have attempted to photograph an up-close-and-personal macro shot of some of the gum that reminded me of lichen that grows on trees had the stench of the saliva of 50,000 tourists been present.

The piece of bark that Lisa Jordan found and photographed (shown above) is world’s prettier and more approachable than anything I saw in the bubblegum alley. The bit of bark measured the size of Lisa’s fingernail and contained four different type of lichen. It’s kind of mind-boggling how much detail and color nature can pack into the tiniest of spaces. Nature is such a beautiful artist. And I absolutely adore that Lisa fashioned the piece of lichen-laden bark onto a ring. I like-n it a lot!

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