Oana Befort

Black ink and watercolour print by Oana Befort

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Hello everyone! It’s Mr Yen here … before I start my post today, I would just like to take this opportunity to say I’m so excited to be writing my first post as a regular Dearest Nature contributor!

For my first inspiring post, I decided to introduce you to the fantastic illustrations created by Oana Befort. I realise some of you may have already seen some of Oana’s amazing work, but for those that haven’t, Oana creates detailed illustrations that are coloured using watercolours and incorporate beautiful line work.

Oana Befort

The piece you can see in this post is created with black ink and watercolours on 350gsm, acid-free Acquarello Fabriano paper. Just look at the striking detail that the pop of colour from the poppies creates! I think this piece works so well as the mixture of simplicity and detail really creates a strong image … plus, I think the faceless woman really adds a sense of mystery to it, too!

This illustration will be available as a print from Oana’s Etsy shop in April, so I suggest you head on over and add her to your favourites so you can get yours as soon as it is released.

About Mr Yen

Mr Yen creates paper cut art work and designs inspired by nature. Having taught himself to paper cut through years of practice, persistence and patience, he finds natural forms to be the most inspirational when creating his paper cut designs. You can see Mr Yen paper cut art here and buy Mr Yen paper cut art pieces here.

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  1. This is a beautiful painting! Thank you for sharing <3 I love that it is mostly black and white with tiny pops of color, it really grabs the eye.

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