Pancakes for Breakfast

Whole wheat pancakes with a twist / Photo by Tokyo Terrace

In my household, pancakes are a treat even though we eat them almost every Friday morning and sometimes other days during the week, too. My little dearests go bananas over them every time they’re served pancakes, as though it was the first time they had ever eaten them. I go a little wild over them, too. I like to make them thin and stack them up, placing thin slices of bananas between each layer and topping it off with honey. It’s like having dessert for breakfast, yum!

Do you make pancakes from scratch?

I used to make them from scratch using flour, eggs, and the like, but lately unless I get up an hour before the kids wake up, I don’t have the time. Teaching patience to toddlers and a pre-schooler can be trying, to say the least and the idea of waiting patiently is ever so slowly (if at all) making its way into their craniums.

One of these weekends I’ll try out one (or two … or all) of these mouth-watering recipes:


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  1. Those look SO delicious! I think at least the sweet potato pecan pancakes have made it to my list of recipes to make… all I want is pancakes now!

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