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Last Friday I mentioned that my little dearests are wild about dinosaurs and I imagine they always will be. My oldest, a three-and-a-half-year-old going on forty who might be turning British, thanks to the likes of Peppa Pig and Angellina Ballerina (two shows I can never pry her away from) — with her frequent use of the word “quite” — was the first to yearn for anything dinosaur-related. It started out with books, some of which were older books purchased from a thrift store but had to shelve because since their publication date scientists has proven that there’s no such thing as a brontosaurus, and then all-too-soon escalated into amassing a collection of over 20 dinosaur toys.

I wonder if artist and web/print designer Shyama Golden grew up with the same passion for dinosaurs. Her alluring illustrations might suggest she did. Shyama, whose name rhymes with “llama”, hails from Austin, Texas, a city that I’m convinced breeds an overabundance of talent and creativity. Growing up, Shyama “learned how to write code because [she] figured one day this internet thing would help [her] share my art with nice people all over the world. Back then [she] would draw images one pixel at a time, make bad oil paintings, memorize defunct 1960s architecture books, and take pictures of neighborhood cats with [her] dad’s SLR camera.” Learn more about Shyama on her website and this interview on Method & Craft.

If you’re not already a fan of dinosaurs, Shyama just might turn you into one. A fan, that is, not a dinosaur. Behold some of Shyama’s other gorgeous artwork depicting animals in the hippest and funniest of ways:

artwork by Shyama Golden

Check out more of Shyama’s art and design work on her portfolio and her shop.

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