Some Thoughts as the Close of Another Summer, and on Finding Unexpected Colour

Photo by Jasmin Wong

This time of year is when I feel most bittersweet about the changing seasons. For us in the Southern Hemisphere, signs of autumn are slowly easing into the environment. There’s a hint of change in the crisp wind that occasionally sweeps across a mostly sunny day, I find myself stowing an emergency cardigan in my bag just in case the temperature drops five degrees Celsius, and the daylight hours are definitely getting shorter. For us who are spoilt by Sydney’s wonderfully temperate weather and long hot summers, these signs are a firm reminder that summer, albeit incredibly rainy this past year, has waved its last goodbye.

This is also the time when I like to take walks in the cool evenings with my camera and observe the ebb and flow of life in the inner western suburbs of Sydney. I’m mostly on the lookout for interesting pops of colour against the more mellow backdrop of the autumnal landscape — fiery red maple leaves are a rarity in the metropolitan area, the leaves usually turn brown and fall because it’s not just cold enough. Summer and its whirlwind of colour and activity may be over, but now is the time to ease into a more contemplative mood, and be content with whatever we may find.

close of another summer by Jasmin Wong

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Jasmin is a web designer based in Sydney, Australia. When not designing, she can usually be found taking photos with her film cameras, rearranging her apartment (yet again), tending a vegetable garden with her boyfriend or sipping an espresso. Read her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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