String Gardens

String Gardens in the spring photographed by Annelie Brujin

This morning I awoke uncharacteristically early (4:30am!) and alert and couldn’t for the life of me fall back to sleep. So, I enjoyed a little viewing of the sunrise, got to work on a couple of client projects for my design company Hello Hello Hi, then perused Pinterest for a good twenty minutes who thankfully updated their Terms of Service.

I have a project in mind that I want to try in April that involves string art, so I browsed Pinterest for inspiration and didn’t expect to come across Fedor Van der Valk‘s String Gardens (pinned by Laura Hubbell). While my project doesn’t involve gardening, I couldn’t resist sharing these incredible photos of Fedor’s String Gardens throughout the seasons.

String Gardens by Fedor Van der Valk in the winter photographed by Rose Sharon

^ Photos by Roza Sharon


I love it when form meets function and Fedor’s self-supporting string gardens fit that bill perfectly. Visit to find out what inspired Fedor to create the string gardens.

String Gardens by Fedor Van der Valk photographed by Anne Dokter

^ Photos by Anne Dokter


These pieces are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and topsy turvy’s can’t hold a flame to these beauties. If you’re in Amsterdam, these are available for purchase at a shop called Pompon. For those of us who live elsewhere, we’re left to admiring these wondrous works of functional ar via the internets.

String Gardens in the summer and fall

^ Summer photos by Paul Barbera / Fall photos by Anne Dokter


Curious about how Fedor tends to these gardens? Check out thes whimsical instructional illustrations by Elsa Dray Farges on the String Gardens website.

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  1. These are also available in Melbourne from a nursery in Richmond called Glasshaus.

  2. I really like these hanging plants, as I like the idea of growing plants in non-conventional ways. That’s one of the reasons I like hydroponics. Some of those shots though look very magical.

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