Two of a Kind

1 - “At” by Rachel McCord / 2 –¬†Commissioned¬†embroidery by Annarack

Hi friends! This is my first post with Dearest Nature and I’m so excited to share these two beautiful pieces. Today’s Two of A Kind comes from photographer¬†Rachel McCord and Textile artist Annarack. I had the honor of seeing Rachel McCord‘s piece, titled “At” in person where it was printed on plexiglass and mounted in a light box. The piece is so beautiful.

I was also drawn to Annarack’s Commissioned Embroidery with all it’s stunning little details and colors. I couldn’t help but think that Anna’s piece mirrored Rachel’s photo in color and texture.

About Eva Black

Eva is a freelance graphic designer based in Southern California, who runs her own studio specializing in brand identities and print. She has a mild obsession with anything that involves paper.

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