Two of a Kind

Every Tuesday, you can expect to see us profiling two things in nature or nature-inspired art, design, products, etc. that aren’t directly related but share similar physical features in a series we like to call “Two of a Kind”, which was largely inspired by Oh Joy!’s “this vs. that” by Bekka Palmer.

I’m starting the series off with goose barnacles and a grey heron. The goose barnacles are so aptly named and, personally, I think they resemble beaks. When I first happened upon Mike Baird‘s photos of the goose barnacles I immediately thought of baby birds in a nest, awaiting to be fed. And I couldn’t help but think of a particular scene from Finding Nemo.

What do the goose barnacles remind you of?

About Donaville Herrick

Donaville is the Founder of Dearest Nature and also Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hello Hello Hi. When visions of nature and web design aren't dancing in her head, she enjoys spending time with her three munchkins, baking cupcakes, and trying her hand at various crafts. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated with her day-to-day musings.

4 replies on “Two of a Kind

  1. Beautiful! I’m excited about this blog – I love seeing patterns in nature and reflecting it into my graphic design. Can’t wait for more posts!

  2. i especially love this comparison, because i live on the Oregon coast & both blue herons & barnacles thrive here. love your new site. can’t wait to see more!

  3. Beth – I’ve only ever traveled through Oregon (by train!) when I was about ten years old. I keep hearing/reading so many amazing things about the state, I’m yearning to visit sometime. Thanks kindly for the compliments!

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