Welcome + A Giveaway {CLOSED}

Pictured: Muir Woods, just north of San Francisco, CA / Photo & design by Donaville Herrick

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  • Leave a comment on this post telling us what you love about nature.
  • Eligibility: Open to readers worldwide.
  • Open from: March 20th – April 1st
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Greetings fellow nature lovers. I’m Donaville and some of you might know me from Discover Paper, a site that’s devoted to finding and sharing paper inspiration. Say hello to Dearest Nature, Discover Paper’s fraternal twin if you will, a site and soon-to-be magazine dedicated to sharing something near and dear to my heart: nature.

What can you expect to see on Dearest Nature? I, along with my team of creative cohorts, will be sharing a slew of products, art, photography, design, recipes, DIYs and more, all of which are inspired by nature. Have a look around and get to know myself and our contributors on our About page. Want to see your work grace the pages of our site? Learn how to submit your work.

The idea behind Dearest Nature was conceived about five years ago after I graduated college and was employed by a web design firm whose clients were comprised of niche publications. I had a dream of creating my own niche publication someday and that day is finally seeing fruition today.

Having Liam Neeson usher in Dearest Nature’s arrival in the same manner as Zeus releasing the Kracken in Clash of the Titans was also part of my dream, but alas he was booked today.

Instead of Liam Neeson, how about a giveaway to celebrate our launch? We’re offering not one, but two nature-loving winners oodles of nature-inspired goods from various stores:

giveaway from Dearest Nature

welcome giveaway winners

About Donaville Herrick

Donaville is the Founder of Dearest Nature and also Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hello Hello Hi. When visions of nature and web design aren't dancing in her head, she enjoys spending time with her three munchkins, baking cupcakes, and trying her hand at various crafts. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated with her day-to-day musings.

111 replies on “Welcome + A Giveaway {CLOSED}

  1. I adore your new site, DV! And these items are absolutely lovely.

    It’s hard to sum up my favorite thing about nature – but on my walk to work this morning, I noticed some of the first blooms of spring. That first bit of green that I see after winter is always a treat. :)

  2. Oh how fun! I can’t wait to see more.
    I can’t live without a yearly dose of ocean breeze. Oh the sea…

  3. Great site!

    Something I love about nature: the refreshing peacefulness of just sitting, listening to the birds and the wind. :)

  4. What a beautiful site! The whole concept behind it is just awesome – yay nature!

    My favorite thing about nature.. the smell of the air just after the rain!

  5. Looking forward to future posts!

    Something I love about nature is the respite it offers from my very urban, very technological day-to-day world. I feel more at peace the moment I set foot on soft earth when I take my dog out for a walk in the little wild bit of park near my house.

  6. dv! what a beautiful new project! looking forward to seeing what everyone does with this space!

    as for me, I love TREES and the color green! but I think you already knew that :)

  7. I love the new website. I love how varied nature can be, from the oceans to clouds to mountains to flowers.

  8. It used to be the scent. . the damp earth smell that renewed me after illness. Now, it’s the different sounds–birdsong, twigs underfoot, the newspaper smacking down on the wet grass.

  9. I love the gentle drizzle on Sunday morning, It just makes me want to snuggle in my bed even more!

    Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway :D

  10. And I also like soft mist around the woods before the sun fully come out every morning when I go to work :)

    Followed you on your fb :D

  11. Nature is clean and fresh and irregular and unique. Cannot be exactly replicated. Beautiful and inspiring.

  12. Love this site! I’m so excited to see how it will grow now that it’s been planted here on teh internets. :)

    I love nature for the same reasons—it’s always growing, always changing, always inspiring.

  13. Nature is so soothing. It’s my escape from the busy-ness of the business world.

  14. How exciting! My favorite thing about nature is no matter how I’m feeling, it always makes me happy! Fingers crossed!

  15. I love the changing colors of each season.

    What a great giveaway! And beautiful new site, congrats on the launch.

  16. Thank you for this giveaway! And I love that you celebrate nature because it is definitely taken for granted. I am constantly amazed and astounded by everything nature has to offer–plants, wildlife, the restorative things plants do for our ecosystem… all living creatures, and its unsurpassed beauty! :)

  17. My favorite thing about nature is the changing of the seasons — I always feel like you can smell it!

  18. I love natures surprises. Eg. We are experiencing summer temperatures in MARCH. I just hope the little buds can handle mother nature should she drop in Spring Style.

  19. The site looks gorgeous Donaville! One thing I love about nature is its ability to wow me almost every day!

  20. I love the calmness and relaxation that comes with just being around nature. No matter how crazy life can get, nature can always bring me at peace. :)

  21. Hrrmmm…what don’t I love, more like. Right now I am obsessed with birds…love hearing them again!

    Congrats on the new site and venture – it’s gorgeous!

  22. Congratulations on the lovely site!

    This nature-themed giveaway is wonderful! What I love about the nature most is it’s full of surprises. For example: last week it was sunny and hot where I live but the weather changed over night to such an extent that we had a little snow the next morning. Isn’t that amazing!

  23. Love the new blog!

    Hard to pick only one thing I love about nature, but since all the fruit trees and the wisteria are in full bloom right now, I guess I’ll have to say springtime blossoms.

  24. What’s not to love about nature? I love the smell of flowers, listening to the chirping of birds, and sitting under a giant oak tree.

  25. I love the fact that nature teaches you how to live! You just need to watch it closely…

  26. Love the smell and sound of the sea, the colors of underwater life, the sound of wind in my ears, the power of mountains, the damp of the jungle, the silence of the desert, …

    Thanks for making me leave what i was doing, forcing me to think about nature for even a couple of minutes, and bringing smile to my face.

  27. Nature is the Earth, the Stars, the Galaxies and beyond. Without her I would not have been born, have no place to live and have no place to die. You and I are nature. What’s not to love?

    Specifically, I’d say I love the perfect logic found in nature. The numbers, the shapes, the patterns, the formations, all happening naturally, logically, perfectly.

    Your website looks and works great.

  28. I have lived by the ocean my whole life. Although I love many things about nature nothing compares to the roar of the ocean, the smell of the salt air, the feel of the cool sand…this is where I feel home. My family says that salt water runs in my veins. When I see the ocean Im reminded of how small I am, how small my problems are and how big God is. It gives me hope and unexplainable joy.

  29. Congrats Donaville. I’m so happy for you.

    I love how beautiful nature is. Green moss, the chirping sounds the birds make, the vibrant orange on a monarch butterfly, the sound the wind makes through the trees! And the cool thing is you can just step right outside your door and nature is always there to greet you. :)

  30. Firstly, what a gorgeous site! This looks so professional and one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve ever come across. The content and the layout really compliment each other.

    What I love about spring: the flowers!

  31. Beautiful work!

    Watching my seedlings sprout and turn to face the sun, while I sit next to them at my computer working.

  32. I’m so in love with your new site already!

    What I love about nature is just how it makes me feel. Like I am home, exactly where I should be.

  33. I love that we can’t get away from it. It’s in the cracks of our streets and there was a mountain lion in my yard 2 years ago! Ok I don’t love that part!! :P

  34. I absolutely love this idea. I am a huge, HUGE nature lover too and while I call my blog creative it is more nature-inspired creative than anything else. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

  35. One of the best things about nature is the pitter pat of rain falling on my umbrella as I walk my daughter to school!

    and i have to say how I found your beautiful new site: found creature comforts blog on pinterest, which led me to a pair of pears… alas! congrats!!

  36. Thank you for gracing us with your lovely website, blog and inspiration.
    I am always taken aback by pussy willows in the spring. Their soft gray gives way to fuzzy caterpillar mimics falling to the ground, replaced by small shoots becoming full leaves shortly after.

  37. What I love about nature is how it smells. It may not always smell good, but at least it’s not poison. There is nothing like taking a fresh breath of air in the woods or at the beach.

  38. Just discovered this site and spent an hour perusing through all the great posts. All the pictures are absolutely stunning!

    What I love most is the tranquility and serenity during the morning hours. I also like to “watch” my plants grow :)

  39. my favorite thing about nature is the fact that it provides so much inspiration for everything from art to cooking!

    ps – love this site! i’ve been pinning a lot of things from it!

  40. My favorite thing about nature? I have to pick just ONE? Yeesh. Ok, I guess I’ll go with the smells: pine, fresh air, flowers, salt air by the ocean, berries, etc.

  41. Everyday brings something new or missed the day before. All you have to do us look, anywhere and Gods wonder is all around. We humans can never recreate the colours,the smell or feel of nature no matter how hard we try. But it is fun trying.

  42. What I like about nature, is that it is always changing, and you can always find something new to capture your attention when you go for a walk.

  43. my favorite thing about nature, is that we are part of it. when someone reframed the idea of ‘man vs. nature’ to ‘man is nature’, it made a big impact on the way i think about our interactions with the planet, and that we’re part of all the systems of living.

  44. I love being able to people watch in the park on a warm afternoon and see how each of us interacts with nature.

  45. Great site! Fall always inspires me, the smell, the colors, the crunch of leaves, warm days and cool evenings!

  46. Nature is a reminder that life is beautiful. God meant for us to feel inspired and romanced. Nature is his never-ending love letter to us.

  47. My favourite thing about nature would be that it’s always moving, changing, despite of the destructive power of humans. She tells us when something’s wrong, but we don’t always listen. I love the change of seasons, especially when it’s autumn and I can walk over dried leaves and hear them crunch!

  48. I liked the site on Facebook, under my Ella Preuss alias.

    Love the giveaway, thanks for making it international!

  49. Of all the things I create as an Artist, I always have some sort of subtle nature or natural overtone mixed in. I love nature and wildlife, and my creative process reflects that in one way or another. I am not tied down to any one medium, and often experiment with new and different ways to bring my ideas to life for others to enjoy. Nature has and always will, fuel my creativity and joy for life.

  50. Your site is absolutely gorgeous– just beautifully done!

    What I love most about nature is that it is full of inspiration for design… the simplest, strongest, most pure form of design … whether you’re looking at an expansive landscape or a tiny microcosm that you can fit in the palm of your hand.

    I’m a rule breaker and the idea that certain colours don’t “go together” is one of the silliest of all– nature gives me proof of this as everything in nature goes perfectly well together :)

  51. I am loving your blog! My favorite thing about nature….ahh….all of it…but most of all, I like that it makes me feel small. :) It’s the most powerful thing!

  52. Love your inspiring blog!

    Nature is so stunning because we accept it the way it is. Normally we always wanna upgrade or correct everything. In Nature we don´t feel that way, because it´s perfect the way it is. That´s impressive and relaxing. We sense that we are a part of if. So everybody carries at least that part of beauty in themselves.

  53. Nature, pure and simple, is beauty. It makes the dreariest and ugliest of days beautiful. The absolute joy that comes from seeing the sun shining through trees and illuminating the backs of new buds and leaves on plants is incredible. It makes me feel alive! Nature revives and refreshens us, helps awaken the senses, and causes us to become more aware of the beauty that surrounds us every day!

  54. I love nature because we have so little control over it. That’s what makes it beautiful, wild an always intriguing!!

  55. I love how peaceful I can be when I take nature walks. Nature can be very calming.