Wild About: March 23, 2012

Flower collection by Dinosaur Designs

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This week I’m wild about Dinosaur Designs. I recently heard about their shop via Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic. While Dinosaur Designs’ shop doesn’t carry products that resemble actual dinosaurs, the slightest mention of the word “dinosaur” makes my three little dearests (a three-and-and-half-year-old and twenty-one-month-old fraternal twins) squeal in delight. Their daddy dearest has instilled in them a fiery love for dinosaurs (so strong it could fuel the sun) and that love has manifested itself into the form of a growing collection of toys and books that I’m sure we’ll need to create a Jurassic, or to be historically accurate, Cretaceous Park just to house all of them.

One peak at the collections in Dinosaur Designs’ shop will have you squealing in delight over their brilliantly designed products in various vibrant colors. Feast your eyes on these styled product photographs and oh, the colors!

products by Dinosaur Designs

Are you squealing yet?

It’s tough to choose a favorite, but I am particularly drawn to the dragonfly wing platter from their plum collection. Which of Dinosaur Designs’ products or collections are you wild about?

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  1. So in love with this post. Their products are the sort of thing that make my world spin ’round.

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