A Focus on Fungi

Photo by Kelli Shedd

Hi Everyone, I’m Kelli, the Borealchick and I’m so excited to be sharing here today on Dearest Nature!

For my first post I thought it would be fitting to explore one of my current inspirations, the world of fungi. Nature plays a strong role in the art that I make, and every now and then I become enchanted with a subject within it. My recent drawings are an exploration fungi using a combination of found and imagined patterns to describe these delicate and sometimes colorful organic shapes.

Fungi illustrations by Kelli Shedd

The climate in the Northeast is the prefect breeding ground for a variety of fungi year-round with polypores being the most abundant this time of the year. Polypores are small to large in size and look like a shelf or disk attached to the side of a live or dead tree.  With spring only slowly creeping in, my hiking has turned more into a search for new fungi unearthed by the snow and ice.

fungi on fallen trees photographed by Kelli Shedd

The photographs shown above are of fungi on fallen trees, the round variety may be a colony of insect galls, but the jury is still out!

About Kelli Shedd

Kelli is an artist, designer, and all around maker! Her passion for line drawings, nature and all things paper are the driving inspiration behind the creations for her stationery and paper goods company, Borealchick Designs. Based in New Hampshire (North of Mt. Washington), the art she creates are a whimsical translation of the beautiful environment in which she resides, all while maintaining a chic and modern edge.

3 replies on “A Focus on Fungi

  1. Kelli – the artwork is beautiful – just stunning! I bet you would do beautiful renditions of ferns too…all the intricate detailing…

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  3. The polypore is an example of nature’s colors perfect for inspiration for interior design. All the colors in your photograph would be gorgeous and simply restful in a bedroom .

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