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The ceaselessly creative folks at Anthropologie just launched an online magazine that is chock-full of alluring visuals. Have you seen it? I saw their tweet a few hours ago and spent an inordinate amount of time leafing through its gorgeous electronic “pages”. I was particularly drawn to the Real Talk piece, ” Wyland: From Art to Activism“. This article was like it was translated to the internet from one of Anthropologie’s illustrious store window displays. As a web designer, I couldn’t help but right-click to find out if the page utilized flash, but to my surprise the page employs javascript.

Back to more important aspects of the article.

Aside from being a beautifully executed page, the article itself is a good read. Anthropologie’s Director of Display, Erika Sorgule, interviewed world-renowned muralist and environmentalist Robert Wyland who has played a pivotal role in conservation. In the article, Wyland poses a few suggestions about helping protect our oceans and this Earth Day (mark your calendars, it’s April 22nd), Anthropologie is teaming up with the Wyland Foundation. To stay updated with Anthropologie’s Earth Day cause, follow their hash tag #AnthroEarthDay on twitter.

Be sure to check out the rest of the magazine. Some of the other articles have interactive surprises, too.

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  1. I love Anthro! They’re artistic across all mediums and I’m so happy to hear about their partnership with the Wyland Foundation for earth day.

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