Collections from Cozy Memories

Photo by Sonia Cantié

This week’s collection comes from Sonia Cantié of Cozy Memories, stay-at-home-mom to two boys from Montpelier, France. Sonia is a maker of many fashionable products including scarves, household items, and photographic prints. Like Eva of Tinctory (whose collections were featured on the blog a few weeks ago), Sonia also uses local natural dyes to produce her work.

collections by cozy memories

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7 replies on “Collections from Cozy Memories

  1. Pretty collections. I like the ones in green because they show that even imperfect and even broken things are beautiful.

  2. even nicer than seeing sonia’s collections here ( which is very nice indeed) was having the opportunity to go beachcombing with her last summer.

  3. I love Sonia’s eye for color and shape. Not only can she put together these lovely little curations and coax color from leaves, but she can also spot a speck-sized fossil from twenty paces. She’s kind of amazing, actually.

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