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Photo by Kerry Pitt-Hart of Lush Bella

Butterflies are some of the most beautifully winged creatures. Like snowflakes, no two are ever alike and I often associate them with spring because that’s when I see them around our yard the most, fluttering from flower to flower and alighting on branches and leaves for brief moments until my little dearests frighten

them away. I’ve never caught a butterfly nor do I plan on catching them and pinning them onto a shadowbox. I’m the sort who prefers to leave nature outdoors for the most part, but I do like paper varieties of butterflies to accent parts of the house.

I recently happened upon and fell in love with Kerry PItt-Hart‘s collection of paper butterflies via her flickr stream. The butterflies look lovely on their own, but when arranged together on a wall in the  formations below, they’re a sight for sore eyes.

butterfly collection

For further inspiration from Kerry, check out her websiteblog, book and a few other she has been featured online.

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  1. I love butterflies too! I remember trying to nurse a sick butterfly back to health as a kid. I made a bed of flower blooms for it to lay on. Unfortunately I don’t think it ended well, haha.

  2. These are so lovely! Out of all the images, I actually like the blurred one the most .. it’s so abstract and soft.

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