Deidre Lynn Photography

Brandon + Lee Ann After Session by Deidre Lynn Photography

My favorite time of the day to shoot photos is during the golden hour, an hour or two just before the sun sets. Photographer Deidre Lynn does quite an impressive job of capturing golden light, no matter what time of day. Take a quick glance at her photos and you’ll see what I mean, and truth be told, if I could sum up Deidre’s photography in one word, it would be golden.

I’m head over heels about the way Deidre incorporates nature in her photos, like the tree branches above that frame the beautiful couple. It’s one thing to photograph people in nature, but to have them interact with it as if nature is as much the spotlight as the people is a marvelous sight.

Woodland maiden photos shot by Deidre Lynn Photography

Armed with her camera and creative spirit, Deidre states that her aim is for her photos to “speak for themselves — loudly and clearly.”

The Wandering Princess shot by Deidre Lynn Photography

The Golden Woods shot by Deidre Lynn Photography

“When create an image of a couple in love, I hope to be creating a piece of art – a painting in light, love and a forever relationship.” — Deidre Lynn

Wedding Photography by Deidre Lynn Photography

For further inspiration, visit Deidre Lynn’s portfolio, though be warned that time might slip away from you.

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7 replies on “Deidre Lynn Photography

  1. Too beautiful for words. “The golden woods” shots look like they could be in a magazine.

  2. such beautiful work…

    I always love when photographers have a distinct style and it is as if they cannot stray from it – – that is just the way their eyes see the world.

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  4. Thank you so much for the feature, this blog is BEYOND gorgeous!! And Amy Renea, I’m totally stealing your comment and posting it on my page, it really resonates truth!

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