Duo of Planting Ideas for Tin Cans

Photo by Amy Renea

Anybody have tin cans in the pantry? Of course you do! I would be hard-pressed to find an American without a few tins cans hanging out in the pantry. From canned soups to vegetables to condiments, cans are a ubiquotous symbol of our American eating. Sadly, the tin can is also found hanging out at trash dumps far too often. Of course, recycling cans is one option, but there is still quite a bit of energy in the recycling truck’s trip to your house to pick upt he can, the sorting and melting of the can itself and the creation of a new tin can.

tin can gardening / photo by Amy ReneaInstead of throwing them out, consider cleaning up those cans and giving them new life as plant receptacles.

There are so many ways to repurpose tin cans that they received their very own pin board in my pinterest collection. From wind socks to candles to a xylophone and bird house, tin cans can be reworked into a variety of ways.

For my planter, I took 5 cans in various sizes, painted them with an exterior, construction grade hot pink and planted them with bleeding heart cuttings.


You must either poke drainage holes in the bottom of tin cans or be very light in your watering habits!

Another planter in my houses involves cans in a more horizontal shape. This shoji screen turned planter includes chickens and tuna cans planted out with various succulents.

screen planter / photo by Amy Renea

Whatever your taste, there is certain to be a tin can that can be repurposed to make your life a little easier, your view a little prettier and the dump a little less full.  Take a few minutes to rethink those tuna cans and chicken noodle receptacles and create something grand!

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Amy is a freelance photographer and writer based out of Hershey, PA. She spends her days chasing children and chickens around the back yard, sipping on dandelion tea and munching on sweet potato chips. Come visit the Nest for All Seasons to learn more about her food, photography, DIY designs and modern garden living!

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