Easter Sweets

Easter egg cookies by Sweet Ambs

I have to type up this post quickly because I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man. Ask the Mr., who’ll attest to the fact that sometimes I’ll eat very little of my dinner so I’ll have enough room for dessert. Or on occasion, I’ll forego dinner entirely and skip straight to dessert. Bad habits die hard, but thankfully I’ve been doing a little bit better this year.

With Easter around the corner, I’m limiting my intake of sweets as I know there will be plenty! Treats will only be served at our family gathering on Sunday and I am hoping that none of them look like these:

Easter desserts

I’m already salivating!

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5 replies on “Easter Sweets

  1. Sometimes I eat a small dinner so I have plenty of room for dessert too! A meal doesn’t seem complete without something sweet at the end. I’m making sugar cookies this weekend, but I don’t think they will look nearly as pretty as those Easter egg cookies!

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  3. Love to try different recipes .
    Really like to cook and judge different foods to keep in my recipe box.

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