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Paper Easter eggs / Photos by Donaville Herrick

I love crafting with my little dearests. My oldest, three-and-a-half-year-old Madeline, whom we call Maddy for short, drops everything she’s doing to create anything out of paper. Yesterday Maddy and I made a few paper Easter eggs together, ones that looked like they could have been made during the 1980s, especially had we added a bits of neon colors like green and pink. My other two children, twin twenty-one-month-olds, usually like playing with and wreaking havoc upon the crafts Maddy and I create, so only three out of the four paper eggs we created yesterday survived. None to worry, there’s still time before the weekend to make a few more.

This Saturday we will be dyeing eggs. It will be the first time for my little ones and I can already picture the fun and mess and bubble bath that will ensue once the dyeing egg-stravaganza is over. This is the sort of fun they got into with finger-painting a few months ago … cleanup is going to be so much fun!

For those of you with kids, what are your plans this Easter weekend? Any egg dyeing and egg hunting involved?

If you’re scratching your head for ideas, here are a handful egg-cellent Easter crafts to consider trying this weekend:

10 DIY Easter egg ideas

Not enough Easter egg ideas? Check out this post by our contributor Anastasia Marie and this post over at papernstitch blog.

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7 replies on “Eggcellent Ideas

  1. Loads of wonderful ideas! Your daughter is a cutie pie, too. You could string your paper eggs in a garland :)

  2. Wonderful picks! I like the vintage charm of the butterfly boxes, they’d look so lovely on a bookshelf or desk.

  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog! I’m glad to have found your blog — BEAUTIFUL! LOVE this post and round up of beautiful Easter egg ideas.

    We will be dying our cascarones (confetti filled eggshells this weekend. Our kiddos are very excited.

    Have a Happy Easter!

  4. All of these are so creative. I like the ones covered in moss, a good idea even for wedding decor.

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