For Those Who See

Photo by Kelli Shedd

I have a deep love for handmade books.  Especially handmade artists books which over the years I have accidentally collected — I say accidentally because many of the handmade books I own simply found their way into my house, onto my bookshelves!

for those who see

My most treasured artist book, For Those Who See, came into my house via my mother-in-law, a woman who has a supreme knack for pulling treasures from piles of antiques, and also has a love affair with books.  Written and created by Gwen Frostic, this beautiful collection of word and illustrations capture nature in a variety of moods, from the mundane everyday occurrence, to the cycle of life beyond our control.  Published in 1965 in Benzonia, Michigan, For Those Who See is illustrated by Frostic as well, and only scratches the surface of her extensive career as an artist and print-maker.  She lived and worked in a home studio nestled within a wildlife sanctuary in Northern Michigan which is still open to the public even after her passing in April 2001.

pages from For Those Who See / photographed by Kelli Shedd

Turning the pages of this small masterpiece, the layers of vellum and linen, and the soft muted color of inks used to print the images, I simply wish this book would never end.

About Kelli Shedd

Kelli is an artist, designer, and all around maker! Her passion for line drawings, nature and all things paper are the driving inspiration behind the creations for her stationery and paper goods company, Borealchick Designs. Based in New Hampshire (North of Mt. Washington), the art she creates are a whimsical translation of the beautiful environment in which she resides, all while maintaining a chic and modern edge.

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  1. I have this book too :) I was really surprised to see it on this site! I honestly don’t know how we came to own it, possibly my grandma picked it up somewhere. it is SO beautiful, I love owning it :)

  2. Yes, I have this book too! Frostic is one of my favorite print makers… I ran across a set of her printed note cards at a garage sale many years ago and I fell in love with her work. Later, I found “For Those Who See” at a local used bookstore and recognized the unique style right away.

    Her studio website,, has a ton of her work for sale, in case anyone is interested!

  3. It’s so nice to see that others share are lucky enough to own this book as well. Frostic’s prints always leave me awe struck. Thanks for the additional info about her site Katherine!

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