Fruits by Eva Black

Fruits by Eva Black

[editor’s note] For this week’s Type Tuesday, we’re featuring our very own friend and contributor Eva Black. View more of Eva’s exceptional work on her portfolio.

This piece was a project created while completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Biola University. The exercise’s objective was to create a sculptural or three-dimensional word based on various attributes of a well lived life. We ere also to convey the concept of our word within the context of the piece.

I chose to use baking ingredients such sugars, butter, eggs, oats, and flour to convey the word “Joy.” I started by choosing the typeface, Garamond, and cut the letterforms out in a stencil form. I then added my various ingredients to the stencil. It was messy, but I definitely had a lot of fun creating this piece!

About Eva Black

Eva is a freelance graphic designer based in Southern California, who runs her own studio specializing in brand identities and print. She has a mild obsession with anything that involves paper.

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  1. Yum. So much typography is already delicious, but this one I can really dig into. Really picture perfect styling. :)

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