A Happy, Rainy, Cloudy DIY Roundup

Hello there! I’m Clemence from Oh The Lovely Things and I can’t say how excited I am to be sharing my first post here today.

Seeing spring coming and nature awakening makes my heart sing, but I know May flowers don’t come without April showers. The nice thing is rainy days don’t have to be gloomy!

Here are seven (including the one above) rain-inspired DIY projects that will brighten up the cloudier days.

April DIY Roundup by Clemence Herbillon of Oh The Lovely Things

About Clemence Herbillon

Clemence is a blogger, jewelry designer and school teacher based in Switzerland, Europe. She was raised in the French countryside with five siberian husky dogs, and kept an unconditional love for nature and all living creatures since then. She is obsessed with all things pretty and enjoys getting lost in the vortex of fashion, design, art, and inspiration blogs, as well as working on her own blog, Oh The Lovely Things, where she shares her creative projects and documents what inspires her each day.

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