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Gardens have been on my mind a lot lately. In just over one week I will be moving to a new little townhouse with a cute little garden patio in the back! I’m not a gardener by any means (although I would like to be) but I do know that gardeners everywhere will soon be planting their seeds.

I would like to try growing a few things this summer myself; there is just something about being able to grow your own food that is so satisfying. And if that fails I can always walk down to the farmer’s market and reap the benefits of a more experienced gardener’s hard work.

I think I’ll do some research and see what plants are easiest to grow. Any gardeners out there with suggestions or advice? I gladly welcome it.

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  1. If you have lots of sun, tomatoes are easy and rewarding. The variety “Patio” is a smaller compact tomato plant good for containers and smaller spaces – and has regular sized tomatoes.

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