Marius Wathne

Student work by Marius Wathne

I love visiting botanical gardens and arboretums whenever I can, mostly due to my nonexistent green thumb. It’s an opportunity for me to get up close and personal with flowers that don’t bloom around my yard or neighbors’ yard and a chance at avoiding awkward glances from my neighbors — you know, say if I want to study a flower outside their front window. Am I creeping you out yet?

Oftentimes I’ll keep pamphlets for reference, but rarely do they ever resemble freelance graphic designer Marius Wathne’s remarkable design concept for the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne, Australia. Read more about the project on Marius’ portfolio.

The Waterwise plant guide for the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne, Australia by Marius Wathne

Marius’ design and execution is enchanting. The entire piece is oozing with beauty, from the artistic typography, to the stunning photography, and the smartly-designed layout. This is information design at it’s finest.

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  1. You’re right, I think this may be the most beautiful informational booklet I’ve every seen. The photography is incredible!

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