Miles of Light

Photo by Miles of Light

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Hello again! For this installment of inspiration, I thought I would introduce you to the wonderfully styled photographs of nature, created by Miles of Light.

Photos by Miles of Light

Miles of Light is the original botanical photographic prints shop created by Romina Bacci. Romina creates beautifully simple arrangements using little treasures from nature. When looking through the Miles of Light shop, you will find leaves neatly organised, feathers delicately laid out and layouts that are reminiscent of old botanical illustrations — showing every little detail of a plant, leaf or flower.

Photos by Miles of Light

Each print has a very striking impact, with Romina using the simplicity of colour, tone, shape or material to create interesting arrangements and catalogues of nature.

About Mr Yen

Mr Yen creates paper cut art work and designs inspired by nature. Having taught himself to paper cut through years of practice, persistence and patience, he finds natural forms to be the most inspirational when creating his paper cut designs. You can see Mr Yen paper cut art here and buy Mr Yen paper cut art pieces here.

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