Naturally Dyed Collections

The sea, the sea by Tinctory

Today’s set of collections comes from UK-based artist and dyer named Eva whose creations leave me breathless and almost at a loss for words. Using natural dyes from plants, flowers, and leaves from her surroundings, Eva creates some of the most captivating and luxurious hand-dyed silk pendants, bracelets, and brooches which she sells in her shop, Tinctory — currently closed at the moment, but keep an eye out!

Catch a quick glimpse at her complicated process, which includes an embroidery method called smocking, a technique that involves gathering fabric in a way that allows the fabric to stretch.

Here is just a sampling of the seasonal work produced by Eva, but be sure to check out her flickr stream for additional inspiration, all of which are inspired directly by nature.

Naturally dyed collections by Tinctory

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9 replies on “Naturally Dyed Collections

  1. These are stunning. Sounds like a long and complicated process, but I do like the stitchwork.

  2. Kristiana, it looks like Eva’s shop is closed at the moment. I think your best option is to follow along on her blog where she’ll probably make an announcement when it reopens. I’ll keep you posted, too, if I hear anything.

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