Nature’s Minuscule Details

Dahlia magnified at 20x by Eckhard Völcker

I received my first (and only) microscope for Christmas when I was eleven. I remember it well and knew that it wasn’t the same caliber as the ones we used in school, but that didn’t stop me from having fun looking at tiny objects like feathers and leaves magnified ten times or more under a lens. I loved being able to hone in on the littlest of details in things, often ignored or invisible to my eyes.

When I came across Eckhard Völcker’s photos of microscopic details of plants and flowers, my eyes were filled with wonder and awe. It’s like peering into an entirely different world and it never ceases to amaze me how everything on our planet and in outer space is made up of the tiniest particles invisible to the naked eye. And that those particles are what make our beautiful world what it is.

nature's minuscule details

Kind of like looking at a natural mosaic or stained glass window, eh?

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