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As a web/graphic designer, I often peruse sites like dribbble and The Best Designs to keep current with the latest design trends and to discover new-to-me graphic/web designers. Once upon a time ago, I happened upon the work of Bob Galmarini on dribbble,

 where I followed a link back to his clothing company called Neve Inspired, also owned and operated by his wife, Kris. I instantly fell in love with the site’s design, and even more so, the site’s products. Bob and Kris carry a line of fun wearables for children, like t-shirts that

feature Clumsy, a font created by artist and illustrator Kyle Steed.

Everything Bob and Kris create is illustrated, hand-sewn, and hand-screen printed in their home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Kris and Bob recently released a new line of clothing called Neve/Hawk (named after their two children) this year and successfully received funding through Kickstarter to debut the line at Playtime New York last month. Everything about the line is playful, stylish, and most importantly comfortable.

Neve/Hawk Fall & Winter 2012

Be sure to check out more pieces from the Fall/Winter 2012 line in Neve/Hawk’s lovely lookbook.

Fight for Creativity

We love to imagine and create, and at neve / hawk we get to turn that into something real. This privilege of ours comes after a lifetime of being encouraged through school arts education programs — to explore our creativity through art, dance, music, illustration, and theater.” — Bob and Kris Galmarini

Bob and Kris’s purpose behind creating the line is an admirable one, too. They are committed to keeping the arts alive and thriving in public schools, so with every sale, they are donating a portion to fight for creativity.

Learn more about their passion for creativity.

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