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My cup of tea by Iris of Irideeën

I’ve never been a fan of stark, unpainted white walls because I’ve always thought they were drab and lacked life. But lately I’ve been keeping an open mind about them. Iris of Irideeën (which translates to “Iridieas”) makes white walls look fabulous. Her entire home is a testament to the fact that white walls are not boring. Graceful and airy, Iris’s house has wonderful accents of vibrant color that really pop off the bright and clean white walls.

I’m quite taken with her workspace and her inspiration board — it’s rendered me speechless. So much beauty to behold in her home. Be sure to check out Iris’s blog for even more photos of her interior spaces.

Iris' daughter's room

[image above]: This is my daughter’s room (she is almost 4). I wanted to add a bit of quirkiness to her room, hence the small antler, the mushroom (which is actually a lamp) and the plastic rabbit (which is very kitsch, but I like it!). I painted the base of the antler in the same color as the cabinet (Charleston gray by Farrow & Ball) to let it blend in with the rest of the room.

mimosa flowers

[image above]: These are mimosa flowers, I bought them at our local flower store. I am fortunate to live in a country where flowers are available throughout the year for reasonable prices. I really need to have fresh flowers in our home (nomen est omen when you are named Iris), so buy a few bunches every week.

Bookshelf from Irideen

[image above]: I bought the rabbit for Easter last year. It is a candle and I liked it so much I kept it on display for the rest of the year. The two little bronze birds were a gift from a sweet friend. I bought the deer in Vienna last year. The white bird has a little led-light in it, I bought it at the very Dutch store Hema. The upside down cup is by one of my favorite Dutch designers Lenneke Wispelwey. 

animal and flowers from Irideeen

[image above]: I like to place little animals throughout the house. This one has a temporary spot at the base of the lamp, but it can have a different home next week. On this cabinet I placed some hyacinths, a small white spray painted branch and some blossoming branches. I like a single variety of flowers in a vase or pot, I find they are often more powerful together than if they are used in a bouquet with many other flowers. I am not a big fan of traditional bouquets and I always remove the green leaves many florists put in to add volume. Let the flowers speak for themselves!

butterfly and feather from Irideeen

[image above]: I bought the ceramic feather in Vienna, it is actually a Christmas ornament. I like the softness and delicate structure of it. The butterfly is made of feathers too, it is so light and ready to air.

Iris's workspace

[image above]: I change my inspiration board once in a while, to have a different view while I am behind my computer. This time, I used the bird poster by Chacha as a base, and added some cards, magazine clippings and small items in the same color scheme. There is also a picture of my bridal bouquet, some cards by Het Bos and many bird items; I use them a lot in my styling.

Living room mantle from Irideeen

[image above]: This is the mantle in our living room. I created this display last Christmas. I taped and spray painted different jars and also painted some dried branches in the same gold. I added a vintage bird poster, some ceramic animals and mushrooms and a birch log. And voila; a gilded forest!

Wall graphics in Iris' son's bedroom

[image above]: This is my son’s bedroom. We added two wallpaper animals by Inke. They are available many animal shapes and in all kinds of different vintage patterns. The rocking moose is by Ikea and a big hit with the children. 

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  1. The color looks great against Iris’ white walls! Living in an apartment, I’ve had “to deal” with white walls, but I like how nice it looks in Iris’s home.

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