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A shot of Adriana’s studio

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This week’s Outdoors In feature is from Portugal-based artist and maker Adriana Oliveira of Mundo Flo, whose indoor space that I happened upon recently via her flickr stream is nothing short of lovely. Adriana’s home is furnished with many pieces from Ikea (a store that I could easily see myself working and living in) that she’s added personal and homey touches to.

An introduction from Adriana:

I’m Adriana, I live in Leiria, a small city in the center of Portugal. I have a day job, but my passion is photography and my brand of handmade bags, Mundo Flo. I live in a rented house, with my boyfriend and a cat. It’s a big apartment very near the center, in a nice and calm neighbourhood. It has lots of natural light, and there are some wild green spaces around that I can see from the window, and birds singing all day. It is decorated mostly with furniture from Ikea, some vintage and natural elements.

My favorite rooms are:

My studio, where I make my crafts. It is my creative space, my laboratory of ideas and inspiration. It is decorated in white and has lots of sunlight and a special scent of wood that has persisted since I bought the furniture (maybe because the door is often closed to keep the cat away). It has tables and shelves, inspiring objects and pictures on the shelves and hang on the wall.

The living room, which is also the dining room. It is where I spend the most time with my boyfriend and friends, where I eat, and where I relax at the end of a working day, watching tv, knitting or sketching. It gets sunlight almost all day, has a balcony where we eat and read when the weather is nice, and a fireplace for colder days. It is decorated in white and birch (my favorite combo), in a very natural mood. We have an inspiration wall, with photos and postcards by some of our favorite photographers, and a bunch of simple decorative objects we display and change from time to time, according to our mood and season of the year (mostly things we find in nature, like rocks, branches and pinecones).

Adriana's Studio

[images above]: Adriana’s Studio

  • shelves and drawer are from Ikea where I store my supplies. a collection of objects found in nature (branches, rocks and pebbles, pinecones and seedpods
  • some vintage cups and test tubes holder that I use for pencils
  • my current inspiration wall (see others here): leaves postcard by Bruno Côrte
  • sheets from Country Living magazine, crochet doilies made by me for color study, clock by DecoyLab, small tree sketched by me in a vintage frame, big tree sketched by my brother in Ikea frames, and branches.
  • The window with a succulent, lots of rocks from our favorite beaches, at the Southwest Coast, and a doily which is a crochet sample made by me grandmother.

Adriana's Kitchen
[image to the left]:

The kitchen with some herbs at the window, and hydrangeas from my mom’s garden. Vases are made of repurposed cans, table and chairs are from Ikea.


Adriana's bedroom

[image above]: My bedroom, which is very minimalist, like a peace sanctuary for resting. Canvas with photos taken by me, from a series called Pousio (Fallow). Furniture is from Ikea and the cushion was made by me.

Adriana's living room

[images above]:

  • cabinet and frames from Ikea, lamp from A Loja do Gato Preto, pouf made by me, a trunk I found at the beach and Elffie, the cat
  • inspiration wall: top left 2 photos by Jennifer Causey, bottom left 2 by Béatrice Lechtanski, top middle 2 and bottom right by Tina Crespo, bottom middle by Abby Powell, top right by Hilda Grahnat.
  • Our Christmas decoration last year, over the fireplace. A photo by me in a frame from  Ikea, a clock made of schist by a friend, lantern by Ikea full of Christmas lights candles and a rock.
  • Again, the fire place on another day, with a photo by me from Pousio (Fallow) series and the a bottle of La Trappe beer as a jar with a branch.
  • Our dining table (by Ikea, as well as the chairs), with a rock on it, and a couple of frames we found in the street and recovered, with a branch.

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  1. Wonderful space! I like the branches and the miniature paperclips that that hang up the art on the wall.

  2. I am smitten with Adriana and her work and I am glad I found your blog through hers.
    Have a great week!

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