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Living room photo by Yvonne Huynh

Graphic designer, photographer, and mom Yvonne Huynh, who blogs at Simply Yvonne where you can find a handful of charming DIYs, is sharing her darling home with us today. I fell instantly in love with Yvonne’s home — it’s sophisticated and warm and the type of space that sparks inspiration. The neutral walls in Yvonne’s home are the perfect backdrop for her bright furniture, her art prints and portraits, and other pops of colorful accents like yellow blooms and other bright plants throughout her home.

An introduction from Yvonne:

HELLO! My name is Yvonne Huynh and I am a graphic designer born in Vietnam, raised in cold, chilly South Dakota. I am currently residing in beautiful Virginia Beach with my wonderful husband, beautiful baby, and our crazy, sassy girl Yorkie and two laid back boy Chihuahuas. I have always been fascinated with all aspects of design, whether it is fashion design, interior design, or web design. After giving birth to my daughter last year, I became very passionate about photography because I wanted to capture the sweet moments of her forever. I work in a corporate world as a web graphic designer, however I also I blog over at simplyvonne.com on simply beautiful things that inspire me creatively. To me though, the most rewarding job is being a mother to our sweet little baby girl.

We purchased our first home 4 years ago and both my husband and I were pretty clueless on how to get started on decorating our home. We have different tastes in style so decorating was a bit of a challenge at first. Luckily we decided on a muted, neutral color scheme with pops of color and texture to create a relaxing but also a welcoming environment.

living room in Simply Yvonne's home

[images above]: Living room

What I love most about our living room is the chandelier decal. It’s the first thing you will see when you walk into our living space. Painting our wall chocolate brown was a risk taking move but with the wall decals, it gives it that chicness and modern look. I love hunting down good deals, my favorite finds was the white chair that we scored through Craigslist.

dining room in Simply Yvonn's home[images to the left] Dining room

Our dining room has a contemporary look but a traditional feel to it. I wanted to make the dining room a cozy space that we would want to use every day.

My parents gave us the two large vases and the Chinese frames were gifts we received from my brother, which help bring out the cultural look we were going for.

Since the room is quite small we don’t have room for a buffet table and using floating shelves is a great way to substitute for it. We found our dining chairs through Craigslist and was fortunately found a matching table through Overstock.

nursery from the home of Simply Yvonne

[images above]: Nursery

The nursery is my favorite room in our home. The style we created for the nursery is modern, fresh, clean and functional. Baby clothes are so adorable, why hide them in a dresser? We have them in an open closet that we simply adore. Surprisingly she is not interested in pulling them off yet! I love adding personal touches to the room by designing different fun artworks throughout.

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