Paper Flower Garland

Photo by Anastasia Marie


  • 1/8″ hole punch
  • An assortment of colored paper of fabric flowers
  • Gold string

Hello again! It’s Anastasia here with a second tutorial for Dearest Nature.

Even though spring starts at the end of March, it has always felt like it really came right after Easter. I think it’s because Easter has always been such a brightening holiday with all its cheer, that everything seems warmer right afterwards. The cherry blossom trees seem to just pop a little more with all their pinks hues.

This has gotten me dreaming lots about flowers. So today I felt like putting together a paper flower garland so I can bring some blooms indoors without having to worry about watering them. Live flowers never last too long in my home, unfortunately.

paper flower garland tutorial by Anastasia Marie Mikailenko


1: Punch two holes in the middle of your paper/fabric flowers. Make sure the holes have at least half a centimeter between, making the holes less likely to tear.

2: String your punched flowers onto your gold string, alternating the colors. The trick to giving this garland some volume is to tuck each flower into the one next to it. Use the space between two petals on one flower as your slit to hold the petal of another flower.

3 – 6: With this type of garland not hard to make, you’ll find yourself with a long garland in no time. It also makes for a good lei for your next Hawaiian party. Or if there’s no party coming up, go ahead and use it to spruce up your inspiration line hanging in your office. You get to call the shots here!

About Anastasia Marie Mikailenko

Anastasia Marie is crazy about paper and anything that pairs up good with paper. So yes, that means pencils and tape are included. She runs a little company named Anastasia Marie, a stationery + design studio specializing in custom handcrafted paper-cut cards and wedding + social stationery.

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  1. Oh goodie, this doesn’t look to tough to do and it looks perfect for a luau, even :D

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