Photography by Mister Onüff

Macro shot of a butterfly wing by Mister Onüff

Artist Info

  • Name: Mister Onüff
  • Based in: Madrid, Spain
  • Visit his work on Behance or portfolio

Nature through the eyes of Madrid, Spain-based José María Parra Sánchez, or Mister Onüff, is enrapturing. José is a creative director and founder of a design company based in Madrid, Spain, though he’s from a small village on the island of Ölandin in Sweden. He captures the finest of details in nature that elicit many an ooh and ahh.

details by mr. onuff

Mister Onüff’s macro photography is quite exceptional, too. It sparks an ache in me to take up macro photography, something that I dabbled in a little bit of in high school and college. My camera at the time had incredible macro capabilities that I would go out on a limb and say could rival some of the most expensive macro lenses. The only problem, however, was that I couldn’t fine-tune any settings because there really weren’t any settings on my point and shoot.

macro photography by Mr. Onuff

I’m captivated by the dream-like qualities of many of Mister Onüff’s photos. Each photo from his Botanic Garden set look like a still from a dream sequence, so soothing and the sort of thing you’d want to look at before you nod off at night.

Botanic Garden by Mister Onüff

To learn more about the fantastic Mister Onüff, read his bio on his portfolio.

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