Red Fish, Blue Fish: Nature Through the Art of M.A.Tateishi

Long Leaf series by Mary Anne Tateishi

Hello Dearest readers! I am so delighted by the arrival of spring – after a long, dark winter the sun seems brighter, the air feels light and the world appears to be full of colour. To celebrate this change of season, I am going to introduce you to the vibrant work of Canadian contemporary artist Mary Anne Tateishi.

Works by M. A. Tateishi

Although not a literal representation of our world, Tateishi creates an abstract adaptation of nature. In works such as “Continental Drift,” she uses mixed media to express the scientific temperament of the land we live on.

Wild City by M.A. Tateishi

In “Wild City” I see a perfect fantasy world and imagine myself living amidst tall blue buildings, covered in a jungle of pink and black leaves. Tateishi too, lives in this world of whimsy. Taking inspiration from her artwork, she has painted the walls of her own home in vibrant green, red, yellow, purple and blue. On a backdrop of lime green she hangs “Blip” which echoes the wall colour in a smattering of miniature green Canada maps.

Works by M. A. Tateishi

From sea to sky, Mary Anne translates our world into movement and moments – resulting in paintings such as “Squid Propulsion,” “Blue Fish” and “Blue Sky.” As the weather warms and the sun shines longer each day, take a moment to rejoice with this artist in the beauty and colour that surrounds us each and every day.

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