Scenic Murrieta, California

Photo by Chris Stetson

Photo Info

  • Location: Murrieta, California
  • Camera used: Canon T2i
  • Lens used: Vintage Mamiya-Sekor 58mm f/1.7

Sometimes my wife and I will take the back, more scenic route to Murrieta from our home in Temecula. We will do this on occasion for different reasons, sometimes it’s just a change of scenery. Every time we take this back way there is this area that I always drive through a little slower. The hills are rolling and houses are few and far between.

This particular tree always seems to catch my eye. I don’t know what it is, but when I was asked to submit something to Dearest Nature this is where I found myself. Only this time I pulled off to the side of the road with my camera, instead of driving right past it.

About Chris Stetson

Chris is a photographer and graphic artist living in Temecula, CA. He grew up in a small beach town called Carpinteria which is just south of Santa Barbara, CA. He doesn't remember a time in his life when he wasn't doing something creative, whether it was drawing, painting, playing music, or playing around with cameras.

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