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Butterfly brooch by Sew Smashing

I don’t often wear my hair up because it’s my favorite feature about myself. I like to accessorize with handmade floral pins from time to time and lately I’ve had my eye on a few pieces from Alexis of Sew Smashing. A native of California who currently resides in the middle of nature in San Francisco, Alexis says that nature “helps inspire my choice of color combinations and textures” and that her best color combinations are a result of watching sunsets.

silk butterfly accessories by Sew Smashing

I like the versatility and durability of Alexis’s 100% silk creations because not only can they be used to adorn hair, but they can be clipped on a purse, they can bring warmth and life to a bookshelf, a wall — the possibilities are endless.

Alexis carries over 100 colors of silk to choose from and I could easily imagine creating a dreamy wall installation at a wedding or in a shop with her silk butterflies.

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  1. I like that the silks aren’t solid throughout the pieces, you can see a subtle gradation in the colors, with dark bits around the edges and inner folds.

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