Terrarium Necklaces

As Eva Black recently mentioned, terrariums seem to be popular as of late. I still have yet to try my hand at creating a living terrarium, but I have a fake one that houses one my favorite paper cut pieces by Mr Yen (photos to come soon). In honor of Earth Day yesterday, I wanted to showcase a few ways to wear and carry some of the beauty of the earth around your neck.

terrarium necklaces

Granted you’ll be carrying a bit of the weight of the earth around your neck, but hey, at least it won’t be on your shoulders!

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5 replies on “Terrarium Necklaces

  1. I love these living necklaces! They remind me of some I found on @kneesonleaves instagram. Knees on Leaves terrarium necklaces are super cute and ready to wear! http://www.kneesonleaves.com (for the shop)
    I might try making my own now though!

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