The Angry Weather

Thunderbolt and lightning! Very very frightning, me!

One of my favorite songs since childhood is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” … so much so that throughout high school and college, my screen name on aol instant messenger (does anyone even use that anymore?) was Venetian Rhapsody — sadly, the name Bohemian Rhapsody was already taken. But Venetian Rhapsody was a nice alternative.

I loved the range of Freddy Mercury’s voice and how theatrical Queen’s musical style was. I think the only band that comes close to Queen as far as theatrics in vocals are concerned is Muse, though feel free to enlighten me as my musical tastes have been limited to Yo Gabba Gabba songs or the theme song to Dora the Explorer as of late.

I started humming “Bohemian Rhapsody” in my head, and probably out loud with a little bit of really awful air guitar, while perusing Iveth Morales’ shop, The Angry Weather. Set against a backdrop of geodes, these jewels are so rock and roll. Quite magnifico, oh oh oh. Oh Mama Mia! Some of her product photos transport me to the land before time … or at least the land before my time, in the early ’80s.

jewelry by The Angry Weather

Pretty rad, right? For more angry weather jewelry, hop over to Iveth’s shop.

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4 replies on “The Angry Weather

  1. Ha! Fun pieces :) I like the dinosaur wearing the ring as a crown–too cute!

  2. This is TOO WONDERFUL! thank you very much for such beautiful post, Donaville! It’s a real honor you like my jewelry and that it feels to you a bit like Queen and rock and roll!!

    A big, big hug!

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