Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

Flower cookie jar and containers by Erin Moran Designs

One of my weaknesses is cookies. We used to store cookies in an adorable cookie jar —you know, the kind that makes decapitating cuddly bears completely acceptable — until we had a dreadful ant problem. Every summer, the ants trickle into the house by the thousands ready to wage war against us because apparently they have a weakness for cookies, too. So we keep our cookies sealed in bags or jars that shut tightly enough to keep bugs out.

So, cute, cuddly, and sometimes headless cookie jars are out of the question for us … as far as storing food in them goes. But I’ve been thinking about getting a few jars to store other treasures in that ants couldn’t care less about and I have my eye on these charming owl cookie jars from Anthropologie:

owl cookie jars from Anthropologie

I’d like to think these owl canisters could ward off an army of ants, but alas, they’re no match for cookie-craving insects.

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3 replies on “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

  1. you could always put the baggies of cookies inside a cookie jar ;) gah, Anthropologie, you know me too well… WANT. :)

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