Collections from Anja Mulder

Photo and styling by Anja Mulder

Anja Mulder shares a last name with one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite television series of all time: Fox Mulder from The X-Files. I watched the show religiously when I was twelve, whereas my friends at the time tuned into Dawson’s Creek (I sneaked a few peeks at Dawson’s Creek from time to time and it paled in comparison to the epic grandeur of The X-Files).

Anja’s epically beautiful collections are a sight for sore eyes. Anja was recently interviewed by one of my favorite bloggers, Evie S., where she shared what art means to her: “… it is a personal experience, based on instinct, something that can be shared and enjoyed, the expression of the maker makes you feel, art work provokes emotions.”

Here’s just a small sampling of the beauty Anja creates with her collections:

Anja Mulder's collections

I’m fond of the donkey and the one with the feather the most, how about you?

Check out more of Anja’s excellent work and collections over on her weblog.

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2 replies on “Collections from Anja Mulder

  1. Absolutely beautiful collections! These make me want to do something with my own.

  2. I just found Anja’s work through Pinterest and find all her collections to be like poems with images instead of words. Very inspiring.

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