DIY Water Lily

Photo by Serena Olivieri


  • 2 sheets of paper (solid and vellum)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cutter
  • little brush

[editor’s note]: Serena originally created this tutorial for a spring guide that I planned on releasing on Discover Paper, but unfortunately never go around to completing the guide, at least in time to finish it this spring!

Check out the original sneak peek of this DIY over on Serena’s blog which has been quite popular in the tumblr-sphere already.

water lily DIY by Serena Olivieri


1. Draw and cut the shapes out as I did on the sheets.

2. Start with the biggest floral shape and bend the ends toward their centers.

3. Glue loose vellum petals petals to the biggest floral shape.

4. Glue all the shapes together, from the biggest to smallest.

5. For the pistil, roll the dented piece of paper and leave the last dent out, leaving it laying horizontally. You’ll glue the rest on it.

6. Glue the leaves (vellum blades) to the base of the flower.

7. Voila, you have a beautiful water lily.

About Serena Olivieri

Serena came back to Spain after a year travelling around Asia full of ideas and colours. She studied art history in Italy and worked around Spain for several exhibitions and museums, but after that trip she wanted to start making something! So she did. She's always illustrated and painted: her mother is an artisan in Italy. She would say she found her way of producing prototypes for further series of paper products by following the handmade trial and error way. To learn more about Serena, visit her website.

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  1. Lovely! Great photos and easy instructions too, thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love this DIY! Also love that the scissors match the paper, too ;)

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