Gift Guide: Sweets for Mom

[editor’s note]: Welcome to Part III of our Mother’s Day gift guide. Be sure to check out Part I: Make it For Mom and Part II: Flowers for Mom. Today, our contributor Abigail Bradshaw of The Notion Creative Labs is sharing sweet treats to bake or buy for your mom on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day gift guide: Sweets for Mom / put together by Abigail Bradshaw

About Abigail Bradshaw

Creating good food is one of Abigail's favorite ways to share her love for creative composition with the people around her — mixing flavors, colors, and textures to create a delicious and quickly-eaten whole. When she's not in the kitchen, she's a multi-disciplinary creative living in the lovely Boise, Idaho, and running her independent creative business The Notion Creative Labs.

2 replies on “Gift Guide: Sweets for Mom

  1. I’m directing my husband to this post. I’m hoping he and the kids can try making me dessert in bed.. I’ll take that over breakfast in bed.

  2. Oh my, all of these look so delicious. I fit the bill of each of those types of moms!

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