Golly Bard

Grey garden No. 2 by Golly Bard

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Golly Bard aka Holly Ward Bimba is an artist based in the tiny rural village of Upperville, Virginia and she creates beautiful water colour designs, with some being transferred to fabric.

I have followed Golly Bard and her fantastic creations for a few years now and have seen her exquisite water colour pieces develop and transform from paper to fabric.

work by Golly Bard / shared by Mr Yen

I love her use of tone and the natural colours she uses to depict nature. Every piece is so unique and realistic, but is executed in a stylised way. From delicate feathers, to fresh spring bulbs, every Golly Bard piece exudes style and detail.

work by Golly Bard / shared by Mr Yen


works by Golly Bard / shared by Mr YenThe detail captured in each piece is conveyed in a simple way, but I think this works really well for her designs. I think the simplicity of the designs shows the skills and techniques developed by Golly Bard at their best and making them more complicated would draw your eye away from the beauty of them.

I have always been intrigued by water colours and I wish I had the time to start learning how to use them. I love how you can see the brush strokes and the depth created by layering the same colour in different diluted strengths and I think the techniques Golly Bard uses transfer very well into fabric designs — they look so fluid and artistic!

As you can see from the images above, Golly Bard’s technique and style can be easily transferred to other mediums and I think using her imagery to create repeat patterns is a great way to show off the designs at their best, in the form of flowing fabric, with bright colours and fantastic details!

About Mr Yen

Mr Yen creates paper cut art work and designs inspired by nature. Having taught himself to paper cut through years of practice, persistence and patience, he finds natural forms to be the most inspirational when creating his paper cut designs. You can see Mr Yen paper cut art here and buy Mr Yen paper cut art pieces here.

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