In a Word: Branches

Twig Colored Pencils from Our Wedding Invites

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of branches branching out into the design world (pun intended). I have to say I’m loving this trend. It’s the perfect way to bring a little bit of the rustic outdoors into your living space. Branches have a lovely color, inconsistent shape and rough texture to them making the possibilities endless. You can spray paint them, wrap them in string, put them in a vase, or even build a shelf with them.

When I first got married (two years ago in two weeks!) my husband and I, like most newlyweds didn’t have much to decorate our apartment. So one afternoon we took a walk outside, gathered up a few branches and wrapped them in yarn to decorated our living room. It was a fun a quick project to do together.

Here are a few branch inspired images I gathered up that I just love.

roundup of branches by Jamie Bartlett

Next time you’re outside doing yard-work or hiking through the mountains, pick up a few branches. I’m sure you can think of something creative to do with them or just look around the internet. There are a ton of ideas out there to inspire you.

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Jamie is a graphic designer and co-founder of A Pair of Pears, a blog and design company based in Los Angeles, CA. She and her husband started their blog as a way for them to share their adventures and all things design. Since college, they've both fallen in love with letterpress printing, and now have two presses of their own.

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